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Bytown Bottle Seekers Show - April '93 - Click for enlargement.Hi ! My name is Paul Marchand and welcome to my home page. My interests are bottle collecting and genealogy, especially where the PILGRIM name is involved.

I specialize in bottles used by the Pilgrim Mineral Water companies (1848 - 1932). I have been collecting their bottles since 1989 when I learned that R.A.Pilgrim was my great-great grandfather. I enjoy collecting, researching and learning about the various bottles they used over their 84 years of operation.

A Pilgrim Trio - Pilgrim & Co, Hamilton, ON 1848-1861The trio on the left are samples of the earliest bottles used by Pilgrim. Additional information on these and their other bottles can be found by following the link below to my Bottle page.

I am also an amateur genealogist and when I cannot collect bottles, I'll collect and research the Pilgrim surnames in Ontario and other parts of Canada.

I hope to expand on the following pages and add graphics as time and space allows. Feel free to browse. Comments are appreciated!


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When I'm not at a bottle show, I may be out cycling the countryside looking for potential bottle sites!

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