How many types of Pilgrim ginger beer bottles are there?

I have come across seven different Pilgrim Ginger Beers.  All are pictured below.

The oldest one, a primitive, is incised PILGRIM & Co / HAMILTON. C.W and dates from approximately 1848-1861.


Two very rare Brantford  Pilgrim bottles - Only one sample of each is known to exist - date from 1892 to 1901.

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Pilgrim Bros & Co used one type between 1893 and 1912.  I suspect that new batches produced some of the variations that I have noticed in the stencil markings (noticeably the eagle's wings) and in the potters marks.  Some bottles don't have potter's marks.

All collar neck with lightning stopper/closure


Cummer & Son, who took over Pilgrim's business around 1912, copied the Pilgrim trademark and produced these two variants.

Found in both collar neck and crown top, these bottles do not have potter's marks.


F.M. Pilgrim's used this bottle from the Munderloh Potteries in Montreal for his 'especially brewed' Ginger Beer for the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa (ca 1913).